Hotel Srinagar is the best hill resort in Lumbini Zone, the Zone which is named after Lumbini, the birth place of Lord 'Buddha', the Light of Asia.' It has a very pleasant and lovely setting with homely atmosphere. Here mother nature offers uninterrupted peace, tranquility and relaxation.

It is built in the area of nearly 9 ropanies land at the top of Tansen named Batase Danda. Batase Danda literlly means a windy hill. It is an important place in the Srinagar range, just a distance of half a kilometer from proper Srinagar . From here one can see the mountain peaks more closely and distinctly the southern plane more widely. It is appropriately situated at this vantage point. Through the windows the marvelous view of the whole range of Himalayas in the North can be seen. To the south the changing view of the Madi valley and the plains of the Terai can be enjoyed. In the dark night when the weather is clear a city of India can be seen with the help of binoculars.

The unique scene of sun rays falling on the snow peaks of the Himalayas after about half an hour of sunset is clearly visible from here. The snow peaks glow with red and bright color. Although the sun disappears on the horizon, its rays still reach the snow peaks making the peaks radiant. This is a very unique natural beauty which can rarely be seen from other places. It is an exquisite feeling to see the sun rays falling on the snow peaks when it its almost dark around youl

In the midnights of full moon days the Himalayan range shines like silver. The majestic and peaceful looking scene of the Himalayas of that moment inspires the viewers to think of the supernatural power. The calm and quiet environmental of the hotel relaxes your mind and body. It is very nice place for meditators, writers, artists and creative minds.

Hotel Srinagar is the members of HAN (Hotel Association of Nepal ), THRA (Tansen Hotel & Restaurant Association) and PCCI (Palpa Chamber of Commerce and Indsutry). It has got the license to operate the hotel from HMG Industrial Department of Kathmandu.
Hotel Srinagar is located at the top of Town at an elevation of 1475 meters above sea level. From the bus terminus, small vehicles can be driven through narrow town streets to reach the hotel in 10 minutes and buses can come via Ridi-Tamghas Road in about 20 minutes.
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