Amar Narayan Temple
It is built in 1806 AD by Gen Amar Singh Thapa. The temple dedicated to lord Vishnu is famous for its erotic wooden carvings. The temple is a masterpiece of Nepalese architecture. The remarkable huge stone masonry wall surrounding the whole premises is called; The great wall of Palpa
Bhagwati Temple :
It was rebuilt by Col. Ujir Singh Thapa, the governor of Palpa in 1815 A.D. to commemorate the victory over British Indian troop in the battle front of Butwal. In the vicinity of the temple thee are three small temples.
Siddhi Binayak Temple :
The temple of God Ganesh called siddhi Binayak, is situated at the slope of srinagar hill just above the town. Devotees visit this temple on every Tuesday. One can have a very good viewof the town from here.
Laxmi Narayan Temple :
It is situated at Basantapur. It is constructed in Nepalese Pagoda style. Three main Hindu Gods namely Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the protector) and Shiva ( the destroyer ) are worshipped in this temple.
Bhimsen Temple :
Bhimsen is the strongest hero and worship him like a god for the protection of their property and safety of their business tours. It can be seen in the every settlement of Newrs. One of the most ancient of such temples is situated at the heart of the town, at Sitalpati. It is built in Nepalese pagoda style.
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Amar Narayan Temple
Bhagawati Temple
Srinagar Ganesh Temple
Taksar Ganesh Temple
Laxmi Narayan Temple
Amargunj Temple
Krishna Mandir
7 Points to Visit Palpa
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