Bronze craft:
From olden days Palpa is famous for various kinds of handicrafts and cottage industries. One of the most famous products of this district is a typical water-jug called Karuwa. It is made of bronze and available in different sizes. In Tansen, Taksar is the main area where the art of bronze crafting is still flourishing. The skilled craftsmen of Taksar produce not only Karuwa but also artistic idols of deities, animals, birds and other utensils. People visiting Palpa are always eager to buy a Karuwa as a souvenir.
Metal craft:
You can see there brass and copper utensils being shaped by hitting the brass and copper sheets with hammers. A considerable number of brass and copper pitchers and other cooking utensils are produced here and supplied to other districts.
Palpali Dhaka:
It is quiet famous handloom industry and gained national and international fame. It needs skill and hard labor to weave this cloth. Similarly the Palpali Dhaka Topi (cap) has become a part or our national dress. There are several products of these clothes; Dhaka topis, shawls, purses, thailoes, etc. can be bought as a souvenir.
    Some pictures of the restaurant
7 Points to Visit Palpa
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